Paleo Perspective

The new craze that individuals seem to be taking part in is the Paleo Diet. The Paleo Diet attempts to go back to individual’s natural body instinct to eat all natural food, as they did during the caveman days. According the Dr. Loren Cordain, the diet eliminates legumes, wheat, and high starch fruits and vegetables from peoples’ diets. The normal foods allowed are fish, grass-produced meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, nuts and seeds, and healthy oils. What is banned are cereal grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugar, potatoes, processed foods, salt, and refined vegetable oils.

Paleo Vegetables

Cordain’s website states the purpose of the diet is to increase protein intake, while eliminating unnecessary simple carbs from individuals’ diets. Arizona State University Student Lindsey DelaTorre says she originally went Paleo to lose weight, but realized that it was about much more than weight loss. She understands that Paleo is a lifestyle choice, and says it takes the pressure off girls to feel like their constantly dieting on it because they have the option to eat however much food they want, as long as it is the foods allowed, and the right proportions. DelaTorre says the hardest part to master of the Paleo Diet is the gluten-free and dairy free part, but once individuals get used to cutting those out of their diets, the rest just becomes a daily lifestyle that individuals do not really think about.

DelaTorre says a few precautions to take while starting the Paleo Diet is to make sure the individual is eating enough protein with the other foods allowed.

Kale Salad, Paleo Pesto Salad, Tomato Carrot and Pea stew

Kale Salad, Paleo Pesto Salad, Tomato Carrot and Pea stew

“In the beginning, I never really ate meat with my diet, which made me feel very fatigued after a while. I really had to focus on balancing the nutrition, but once I did, I was glad I made the change to Paleo because I felt healthier, I digested food easier and I had more energy.”

DelaTorre also says to be careful if an individual has cheat days.

“If I had a day where I had dairy or gluten, I would feel very sick. You just have to be mindful that you will be sensitive to the foods you haven’t eaten in a while, and be careful on the foods you pick to eat if you really need a cheat day.”

Arizona State University Zach Alonzo said to be careful to understand that this is a lifestyle change, it is not just a diet. Alonzo says to have fun with it, embrace the change but also realize it is not something temporary. Individuals should not see it as a prison where they have to stick to a strict diet, its a lifestyle, and they are allowed to cheat sometimes.

If an individual is interested in eating clean, Paleo might be an option for them.


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